Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great MERGE

Today is the DAY! Woo Hoo! Ricky Tanner & Levi came over & worked & worked & finished the entire coop. It is wonder-ful! It is everything that the CHICKENS have ever needed. Today, as soon as the sun started setting . I gathered chickens and started putting them on their new roosts in their new home.

No Way Jose!
The teen-agers huddl-ed in a big pile in the hay, while the older flock perched on the edges of the milk totes, as usual. Both flocks attempt-ing to stay on totally differ-ent ends of the hen house as far away from each other as possible. They are so funny.

James and Juliet are staying with their adopted RIRs in the old coop where they can spread their wings and be a family. Cracker graduated to the much larger old teenager coop. Everyone is so much happier. Today, while I was upsetting the entire flock and catching chickens in order to relocate them . I noticed that James was scratching dirt with the 3 little ones. I could not find Juliet anywhere. After I caught and transferred the last hen, I found Juliet hiding in the roof of the old dog house hen house.

Maybe she was hiding from me. She was barely peeking her head out. Maybe she was just taking some time to herself while Daddy took over the kids and gave Mom a break!

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