Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Escape by Frances Wall

Chapter 4

Cowboy Gets Kidnapped

When Cowboy saw the men, be began to crow. “Help! Help!” The tall man that
was called Otis grabbed Cowboy and held his mouth shut with his large fingers as the
other man that was called George kept a look out for Jack. Cowboy had never been so
scared in his entire life, as the men ran back to their car.
When Jack and Anne returned to the truck, Jack went to the camper to get
Cowboy. To his surprise the camper door was wide open and Cowboy was nowhere
around. “Anne” Jack shouted, “Cowboy has been rooster napped, we have to call the
police.” By the time the police arrived Jack and Anne were in tears. They loved Cowboy,
he was a part of their family and they would do most anything to get him back.
The policeman took all the information about Cowboy then asks if they had a
picture. It just so happen that Jack had a newspaper clipping of Cowboy when he saved
the prize heifer at the State Fair. Anne also had a picture in her purse that she had taken of
Cowboy in the chicken yard. The policeman insured Jack and Anne that they would do
everything that they could to get Cowboy back.
Jack and Anne went to their hotel room and waited for word from the police that
they had found Cowboy.
About an hour later the phone rang. Jack jumped to the sound of the loud ding, he
grabbed the phone with a quick, “hello.” “Mr. Henry, this is Sergeant Jones with the
Police Department.” “I received a phone call, Cowboy has been kidnapped and the man is
asking for $100.000 ransom if you want you rooster back.” “$100.000 replied Jack to the
officer, I don’t have that much money. If you did Mr. Henry, we wouldn’t want you to
pay it to the man. Try not to worry, you will get your little rooster back, bad people
always get caught.” The nice office said.
Jack and Anne tried not to worry, but that was impossible, they just wanted their
Cowboy safe and back with them.


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