Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Breed is this??

Can any one help me? I can't figer out what breed this is!! Cause I want one!


  1. This looks like a mixed breed of some sort..... Maybe a Cockadoodle Poodle or a Choodle...

    Joy Joy Joy :0)

  2. Big News! All chickens are under the same roof. The Girls were all getting out of control and fighting all the time trying to show eachother whose the boss.... so this morning after coffee I finished putting up the baby chicken wire... I prayed for protection for the chickens and let them all free range while I worked. As soon as I was close to being finished, I noticed that all of the chickens except 3 were back in the coop. I put cinder blocks up to block the unfinished baby wire and caught the other 3 chickens and walla..

    NOW James is the boss again.... so all the fighting has stopped... Juliet is kickin boody and taking names.,.. even if you accidently wander within 10 ft of her chicks... so everyone is under the rule of James and Juliet again and miraculously everyone is all of a sudden getting along.

    They crave order.. wow.... news to me.

  3. That is a full blooded poodle.


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