Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man eaters!

I went out to the coop to check on my darlings and to take some pictures of the triplets for my good friend, Ms. Joy.

It didn't occur to me how painful it would be to wear some capris-length pants to the chicken coop!

I had some little sores from bites or something on my legs. And they're pretty much healed up, but man did i remember them about 30 seconds after i got in the coop!

They started in on me, and i had to get out of there fast because they quickly drew BLOOD! And then they really all went after that one spot! It was awful - and painful!

Anyway, i took some pictures. I hope they are enjoyed and appreciated.

Two of the triplets:

Here's what happened when the oatmeal container (i use it to carry feed to the coop) fell on the floor. They were all pecking at the picture of oatmeal. Pretty funny!

Oh, and here's one of my rir "pullets." Looks a lot like the triplets did at this age if you ask me.


  1. they are so big and beautiful. You must be so proud. Is the pullet photo one of the youngest that I hatched or one from the awesome Ms Henderson.?

  2. Is Frying Pan the only RIR triplet not shown? Did he already go to freezer camp?


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