Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chicken POX

One of the JoyHouse pullets broke out with the Chicken Pox (fowl pox)! Being the chicken expert that I am NOT, I vaccinated all the flock TWICE. First time just for practice, spent the money and the energy catching 47 birds and pricked them all with a double needle neglecting to get any of the vaccine anywhere near the birds. After educating myself and resting up, repeated the same process within 24 hours and did it correctly. NOW the birds avoid me and just stare. No longer do they run with glee at the sight of Chicken they FREEZE, stop chattering, stop eating, just FREEZE and stare. It breaks by heart but o well......

The pullet that is sick was pulled away from the flock and put in the BATHROOM to hopefully be nurtured back to health. Her name is BB (Bathroom Buff). She is 8 weeks old and doing better every day.


  1. hey eva,
    her abdomen/rump looks really red. i wonder if she has pox back there too.

  2. That might be a photographical thing.... but thank you for noticing.

    It is old PURPLE Rooster Booster.... LOL

    GUESS WHAT? SHE IS EATING! My 3 year old Grandson Tobias helped me doctor her earlier and he prayed for her and NOW she is eating.... on her own.... OMG! God is so AWESOME


bok bok bok