Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They love me!

Today, i was sitting at my computer when i started hearing some very insistent rooster squawking outside. When i went to check it out, i found that my dog had made a way of escape for some of my chickens to go free. About a third of them were outside the run where my dog was trying to apparently herd them back in through the 1 inch gaps in the chicken wire.


i tied up my dog and let all the chickens out for the day.

They adapted quite nicely.

I had forgotten what a wonderful feeling it is to walk out the door and have chickens hear your voice, tuck their heads, and run toward you. Although, 25 of them doing that at the same time is a little intimidating, it was a really nice feeling.

It's good to have fans, even if they're 1 foot tall with feathers and indiscriminate pooping habits. And they may not love me, but they do trust me and look forward to seeing me. And that's good enough.


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  1. oooooooooooo that is so so sweet... I think they do love you Beth.. you are the best chicken mama ever...


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