Monday, December 14, 2009


James is the best rooster in the entire world! He really is.

He looks after his hens and pullets and calls them when he finds a worm or any tasty treat.

He sits on eggs if you need a break.

He even cuddles chicks under his feathers.

when James started acting sleepy during day....
it was time to cut off all hen-house lights at night....

When James started "marching" around the grass..... it was time to check his feet and consider roofing the chicken run.

And when James was all caked up on his behind.... it was time for a bath.

Now he is wheezing and sounding congested..... so it is time to live indoors. What can I say...? It's James.


  1. James has a bowl of yogurt this morning that remains untouched, but he has eaten most of his flock raiser. He also has flown out of the bathtub, but now back in and resting and just sitting there. His comb is darker, and he still sounds congested but not as bad as yesterday. I will find him some sort of container so he can be more confined. His water has vitamins in it.. Thanks for praying for him


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