Wednesday, December 9, 2009

14 more days .....

One of the little bitty chickens that I got from the Conroe Chicken show has never grown. Her name has been Mystery Chick. I purchased two 2 week old Easter Eggers for $2 each at the Chicken show and the guy did not have change for the $5 bill. He told me to just get another chick.

The blond buff mix looking chick was the largest chick in the cage and she was also the first one I had considered... Her head was too small for her body, but I thought maybe she was at that funky awkward teenage stage and just small. She needed to be loved so I picked her. She did not look like a bantam to me..I do not want anymore Bantams. ( The three I have are the best....James Juliet and Sparkle. )

MC started out being the largest chick in the young group and now she is the smallest. Her head is still too small for her body and now she has a naked neck. I know that she is a mixed breed but I do not want any naked necked chickens. I think they are ugly. No offense intended. I am sure that they are really cute if you like that sort of thing.

Yesterday when I was giving the 12 weekers their second dose of fowl pox vaccine, I noticed chicken lice all over MC. Maybe this is why she never has grown. I want nothing but healthy strong chickens. I would rather suffer now while they are young, in order to have a strong flock.

I looked at another of the youngins and yep.... not as bad as MC but a lice is a lice..or a lie, not sure about that. So I ran back to the big girls and I randomly picked up the first one that passed by... I had to hunt but I found one. That does it!

Thank GOD for Chicken Peeps. I called Beth who knows how to find the answers to almost any chicken question quickly while I drove to Ms Henderson's. I could have chosen to be radical with the youngins and semi-radical with the egg laying hens, but being the extremist that I tend to be..... I wormed and deliced ( or deloused ) the entire flock.... burned or drowned their old hay, cleaned out the entire coop, covered it and each hen, rooster, pullet and cockerel with poultry dust.... and laid fresh hay.

December 23rd is on a Wednesday this year.
That is the day that I will gather the eggs.. and eat them.


bok bok bok