Monday, December 7, 2009

Really Fresh Eggs!

I am just now realizing how many benefits there are to raising chickens.

One of them is that you can have the freshest eggs on the planet for breakfast every morning if you want to. YUM

I have not worked out all the details, (to clean or not to clean) but there is a "bloom" on each egg as it's laid. It is a natural preservative, or coating, around the eggshell.

If you wash the egg it removes the bloom. So unless the egg is super dooper dirty, I am putting them directly in egg cartons and only soaking them in water right before I use them.

I do not want the watered down whites or pale yellow yolks like you get in the grocery stores. These chickens free range as much as possible and they are a bit spoiled by the treats and heat lamp in their coop.

But it is December and they are still laying eggs and they are delicious.


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