Wednesday, January 27, 2010

JT Fitzwilliam and Bingley

These Roosters are all so pretty, but earlier this week Head Hauncho Bantam Roo had a mysterious bloody comb. No Way Jose!

The only thing new in the coop was Fitz, but if I was going to go through the trouble of introducing him to the Monster Roo JT, then I might as well include Bingley. To sinch the deal, as I was drinking coffee and staring at the chickens.... Bingley chest butted pullet MC and then another. Okee Dokee.....

Now, after being carried around all morning and then forced to participate in a photo shoot, JT is in a small humbling cage, Bingley and Fitz are in the Roo Coop n Yard... and James is back to his rightful place as Head Hauncho of the entire Flock!


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