Thursday, January 28, 2010

Myrtle #2

I'm so happy!

Yesterday, i was having a hard time telling which of two different rir were the one trying to lay, and whoever it was, she laid it from the roost, and it cracked on the floor.

Today, i was on intense egg watch.

As soon as Myrtle started squawking around and roosting like she was about to do something, i put her in the nest box and blocked it off with a live trap (that was just the easiest thing to do at the time). Forty minutes later, i had an egg. But i was surprised about this one. It was a different shape than all the others. More rounded, not so pointy. But i figured she's a pullet, maybe things will change as time goes on.

Well, then about 2:00, i saw an identical rir squawking around and acting like she was going to lay an egg. So i used my best instincts and put her in the nest box just like i had done the other one this morning.

A little while later, an attentive buff orpington who had been keeping her company in the coop, came out singing the egg song. So i went in and removed the blockade from in front of the nest box. But little Myrtle stayed there for a few minutes. I kept doing yard work, and ten minutes or so later, she appeared at the door of the coop with a little SQUAWK! Like o.k. i'm done!

So i went in, and low and behold, another egg - pointy like all the other eggs i've collected before today.

So now i know! This morning's was Myrtle #2, and today was her first egg!

Congratulations Myrtle #2!

And Congratulations to Myrtles #1 & #2 for finally learning to lay their precious eggs in a safe place!

WOOHOO! We're on our way to egg abundance!


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