Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr. Bennet

This morning Kate and Jeremiah and I woke up at 6am ish to prepare for our great adventure.
Beth had forwarded some information on a FREE EE Roo in Dobbin Texas. This was such exciting news... another Roo! Not only another Roo, but an Easter Egger Roo. This means that this Rooster would theoretically be able to breed with any hen and produce more EE that would be able to lay eggs many colors....from pink blue or green....or brown. OMG was I excited.
We also were able to get 4 fertilized EE eggs for our brooding buff.

What a great day! New Roo.... 4 EE eggs... looking forward to February 18-20th hatch....

We get home and unload everyone, set the eggs under Nanny the Buff, and go back to the Roo with the camera.

The pics where all through the cage, and who wants to see a cage in the pics... you can not see what a pretty roo he is... the name Mr Bennet fits him well.

So we open the cage to get a better look, snap a few pics and ......... he flies out and gets chased all across the yard by Enoch and he jumps the fence and runs across the street and finally makes it to the woods and he is GONE!
So.... in a nutshell, (or an eggshell) ..... This morning we all got up early and drove out to Dobbin Texas and picked up 4 fertilized Easter Egger eggs for Nanny to sit on and Cut n Shoot has a new ferrel Rooster. Where is Mike Rowe when you need him? (dirty jobs caught Miami ferrel chickens last week)


  1. He is beautiful!! Thats a awesome day 4 you chicken lady!

  2. You have one gorgeous EE rooster! I also have one with the same coloring like that, just not a beard and not the same comb-type. His offspring, (in the incubator right now) crossed with Wyandottes, I hope will lay some colored eggs this fall!

  3. Oh no! Did he come back? Is he gone? I'm so sorry!

  4. GONE........ across the fence and into the neighbors back yard, through the swamp and into the brush and woods....
    I have looked for him 3 times..... once alone and twice with knock knock.
    He is GONE!


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