Friday, February 19, 2010

And then there were FIVE

My dear friend Jeanne gave me 26 fertilized eggs 23 days ago. I had two broody hens. The broody bantam quickly abandoned her nest and let all her eggs go cold before I knew it... The broody buff was awesome and kept 17 eggs warm and toasty for 10 days.... then QUIT. Praise God my dear old XBIL James had brought over his incubator and I was able to "rescue" the hatch.

As time went on some eggs were eliminated (mildew spots etc) and 22 days later we have 5 beautiful baby chicks. Four pullets and one cockeral. PERFECT!

In the bator are 7 very quiet over due eggs and 2 pipping ones. Woo HOO! I hope they are pullets too...... Four Easter Eggers are due to hatch

They were the eggs that I drove all the way to Dobbin for on an earlier post about the goergouse Easter Egger Roo that got away.


  1. count as of 1 am Saturday...... 5 previous hatches are 3 RIR pullets and 1 RIR cockeral, and 1 Black Australorp pullet... then we hatched another RIR pullet....... totalling 6.....all dry and mingling with the chocolates and whites... in table top tote brooder..

    Currently in bator totally wet..... is a chipmunk looking chick and another Black Australorp half way out...... both too early to determine the sex..

    This makes 8 and counting.....

  2. awesome!!! I see God's hand in you as you delight in these wonderful gifts from Him!!


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