Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stupid Bird!

My wonderful awesome XBIL loaned me his incubator--- I have the "fever" bad. What else can I hatch - what else can I hatch... ? I have not even hatched a thing yet and I am already planning future hatches. I might be a bit "touched" when it comes to chickens, and I am ok with that.
The children are learning to deal with it or get out of the way.

Currently..... my HUGE beautiful Black Australorp JT has fertilized 8 hens. (3 Easter eggers, a White Rock, Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte and two Black Australorps) He really thinks he is something. I also have the Rhode Island Reds in another honeymooon suit and plans to fertilize the buffs with a beautiful Easter Egger Roo.

All of this alone time with the hens has gone to JT's head. He has decided to challenge my spot as head Roo. He has attacked me so many times that he has sealed his fate. He has a one way ticket to Freezer Camp as soon as he is finished taking care of business.

I have practiced the Rooster taming methods suggested on BYC to no avail. The first time he threatened me was at the Mardis Ranch ..... He even chased a sweet little princess up a trampoline. He was finally sent my way to do with him as I please. All this time he has been fine and submissive.
The only problem I had was when I let him free range with all of the others ...... My Bantam Roo James showed this black giant "wassup" .... JT and James (feathers all puffed) head to head as JAMES jumped and attacked .... jumped and attacked. It was very funny. I broke it up before JT was able to squash my bantam roo with his big foot.

I went between them and chased JT back towards his pen. While I was trampling through the "swamp" my mud boots got stuck in the mud and one of them sucked right off my foot.

I nearly broke my ankle as I crashed, bottom first, into the cold mud. The standing water was already icy and I lost my breath .... JT actually chuckled as he ran ahead of me .... I sat there in the mud laughing. It was so funny!

Then I had no choice ..... and I went for it.

I caught that DAD GUM Roo in his little doghouse, and carried him around for about 30 minutes forcing him to submit to ME- THE HEAD ROO!

I spent so much time out in the back 40 in the mud that before I knew it, it was 6:30 and my homegroup started showing up. There I was, greeting all my friends with a huge rooster under my arm, both of us covered in mud.

JT and I had made a lot of head way that night and we both knew who was the Alpha bird. Life was great! But now ..... after introducing him to 8 hens, he is back to his old tricks. Actually, he is worse than ever. He has started ramming the fence every time he sees me .... this has escalated to this stupid bird literally jumping on my head with his feet as I fill his feeder and waterer. How ungrateful.

Good Grief I am DONE!


  1. Haha Eva, told ya you would be eating him pretty soon. If you eat him let me know, I would love to see him in a pot!!

  2. How bout chicken pot pie? He keeps turning over the water and daring me to set it up correctly and refill it..... I was concerned about the 4 hens getting thirsty.. so today, I let them out to free range with the rest of the girls... and now JT is all alone. His plan back fired. I know that he has only had 3 days with the girls but I am so so done with this Monster Roo!


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