Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magnus and Hansel

On Wednesday, Eva and Beth and Kate and Jeremiah went on a little road trip to meet a fellow-BYCer, Sheila and her neighboring chicken-owner-friend, Terry - and to take home some full grown Buff Orpington Roosters.  Even though Google misled us, and our trip there took twice as long as it should have, we had a great time and got to see a lot of breeds we don't normally lay our eyes on.  These pictures are not in story order, so i will narrate each picture for your reading pleasure.  If i get some of the breeds wrong - because i wasn't actually taking notes on this trip - i apologize now.  I'm going from memory.

These are Sheila's Golden -Laced Wyandottes.  Pretty, huh?

This is Sheila, holding Eva's new roo, Hansel.

This is a very small picture that i'm not too sure about, but those are probably Buff Orpingtons in front of Eva's vehicle.

This is me, Beth, holding my new roo, Magnus.  As you can see, i am QUITE pleased!

This is a somewhat violent, but beautiful, Barred Rock roo.

If you click on this picture, you can see it larger, a smattering of beautiful chickens at Sheila's house.

Me and Magnus again.

This is Sheila and Terry holding the roos Eva and i had picked out.  Very nice ladies and very kind hosts.  We had a lot of fun checking out all their chickens comparing notes and hearing what they're proud of and the way they do things.

This is a really gorgeous roo, with the Golden Laced Wyandottes, i mentioned earlier.  Sadly, i cannot remember the name of this breed.  But the green sheen is oh so pretty in the sunlight.

This is Beth, checking out the selection of Buff Roos.

Another bird i can't remember the breed of.

This is the head of a guinea.  Weird, huh?  This bird is VERY interesting to look at.

The hen on the left in this picture is a Lakenvelder.  Sheila has a couple of these, beautiful specimens.  Just as a side note, on the Lakenvelders, Eva's birthday is coming up, and she was VERY impressed with these chickens.

Here, Sheila is sharing with us, her pride and joy, some chicks of a rare bantam-breed.  They are SO pretty. And i really should have been taking notes so i could tell you what breed they are.

Here are some of the bantam cuties.  See the little crest on their heads.  Adorable.

Here's that guinea again.  We couldn't stop looking at her.

And the pair of Lakenvelders.

Here's the guinea.  When you see the whole body, you can understand why we couldn't stop looking.  God is SO imaginative.

Silver Laced Wyandotte on the right (i think).

Here is the breed i (Beth) fell in love with.  New Hampshire Reds.  The picture really doesn't do that beautiful color justice.  I expect these will soon be added to our flock, here in Rogers Country.

New Hampshire next to a Buff Orpington.

New Hampshire next to a Barred Rock and a White Rock.

Sheila feeding them raisins through the fence.

I'm pretty sure this is a Barred Rock.  Sheila has something else there that looks really similar to a Barred Rock but isn't.

And that's our trip.  We didn't really get pictures of the Mexican Restaurant where we ate or the trip where we got really lost.  And sadly, we were out of reach of our cameras when that beautiful Barred Rock rooster faced off against a very aggressive Australorpe rooster at Terry's house.  But we had a great time.  I'm sure that proper pictures of Magnus and Hansel will be forthcoming.  They are truly gorgeous specimens.


  1. Magnus needs a wife named Agnus.

    We had so much fun Beth...... I think you mentioned all the breeds.

    Silver Laced Wynadotte and Black Australorp Roo. Dominique is the other breed that looks kind of like a Barred Rock--- the comb is different

  2. Hansel has many wives waiting for him...... Nanny Claire Belle BB Babe and I forget the other ones B name so I will no call her GRETTLE

  3. I will NOW call buff number 6 Grettle.....


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