Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miss Charlotte Jane and Elizabeth

Pride and Prejudice..... Miss Charlotte is a "not very likely" pure bred Wheaten Ameraucana picked up at the Conroe Chicken Show because the man did not have change for a $5 .... Jane and Elizabeth are pure breeds that I hatched from eggs last year. Jane is a Wheaten and Elizabeth on the far right, is a Wheaten Blue. The only difference is the coloring on the tips of the tails.

Elizabeth has a crippled foot caused by me putting her down in a cage and smashing her foot, or her walking too close to me when she was little and me stepping on her. I can not remember which one caused the injury, probably both. (Yes I have learned to be more careful) I rarely get a photo with all three together. These are the girls that I wanted to breed. Darcy was the Rooster that died along with all my dreams of breeding Wheaten Ameraucanas. I love my chickens yes I do.


  1. Hi, Someone just told me about this post. I may be able to help you get your dream back of breeding WBS Ameraucanas. Feel free to email me at

  2. Wow those are some beautiful girls! Sorry to hear of the lost hopes - We'll have some extra Wheaten and Blue Wheaten roosters come summer if you're still up for the dream.


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