Monday, August 9, 2010

Its Perfect!

Chick number ONE is a pullet chick. The little Bantam and the Black EE are too fluffy to be able to tell yet so I will check tomorrow. Can you see the two layers on the wings? If you click on it and make it larger you will be able to see the white tips of the second "shutter" row of the wing feathers.

<< This is the sweet little Bantam..

Miss Charlotte only has 4 bantam eggs left and because I did not right on the eggs and because I think I set them 7 days later than the others, we called it quits. She hatched two Easter Eggers and one little Bantam. I put the 4 unhatched eggs in the styrofoam incubator and rearranged every bird on this land today.

We need two additional chicken pens in order to separate the Roosters and keep them from killing each other. They are so awesome! The Roosters are Ancona, Catalana and Welsummer and I am very interested in being able to produce pure breds in the future. But for now, we have outgrown our space.

After a lengthy discussion with Beth this morning I realized the only solution was to make a bachelor pad for all the roosters and give all the girls to "Bingley" the head hancho roo. He is a very very happy Rooster.

When Miss Charlotte was broody, she would not allow any other hen to lay an egg within 50 feet. When it was close to the expected hatch date, we moved her and her eggs to the baby chick brooder... it was tight but she was happy and so were all the other hens. After they all had a chance to hatch and when I realized we were finished, it was time to get Mama and her three babies out of those tight closed in quarters.

My Brother in Law had loaned me his awesome Finch Colony cage, and it makes a PERFECT wide open safe brooder for mama hen to tend to her new little family and still be close enough to the flock. Thank you James! Everyone is so happy!


  1. Eva, i'm not able to get those small wing sexing pictures to enlarge. I don't know why.

  2. Hey Beth..... I wonder why some of the pics enlarge and some do not... Did I do something different posting ?


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