Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wing Sexing Chicks

I have watched and rewatched this video and I really want to be an expert at this. The feathers change so fast from day to day. There is a clear difference when the chicks are 2 days old so I am going to take more pictures tomorrow. The little yellow chick is almost 24 hours older than the others so that is why her feathers look so different in these photos.

After viewing this video link, and then viewing these pictures.... what do YOU think?

This is a BETTER LINK with more details and very helpful.

The top picture is "Blondie" the oldest... next is the little Bantam and then the dark Easter Egger. Notice the cute little beards on the dark EE and the Bantam..... Looks like Bingley is the father to both.... Blondie looks a bit less Easter Eggy to me...


  1. Charlotte now has 5 babies. Woo hooo.... She is so happy

  2. boy, girl, girl, girl, girl ?


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